Vivien’s 18th Birthday

VMOS / Virtůăl Mëmórieŝ / n

(1) A collection of digitally enhanced images and videos of friends, family, or loved one; (2) a treasury of a persons most valued memories; (3) a compilation (memoir) of a persons life experiences and achievements…produced and permanently recorded using the latest technology.

Business Unusual Media Solutions’ Premier innovation to perpetuate your memories

Business Unusual Media Solutions Inc. (BUMSINC)was formed as a comprehensive multi- disciplinary professional practice and corporation offering multi-media solutions and services such as:
• Video Coverage
• Photo Booth Rental
• Video Editing
• Video Transfer/ Ripping
• Equipment Rental
• AVP (Audio Visual Presentation)
– Tribute — Retirement
– Graduation Party
– Birthdays / Debuts
– Wedding Receptions
– Anniversaries
– Christenings
– Product Launching
– Commercials (TV)
• Eulogy
• Webmercials
• Company Profile
• Product Demonstration – Organization Milestones – Digital Y earbook
• Family History Video
• Documentary


TEL NOS. 632 4049549 / 0922 8282867

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