UTS:Careers Virtual Office Tour – Building 1, Level 25

Area Descriptions
Our New Kitchen:
We’re very excited about the new open plan kitchen on level 25. If you’re visiting us, feel free to take advantage of its facilities!

Breakout Area:
Relax and enjoy the sights at our breakout area. With amazing views of the city, it’s a great place to take a quick break, have a change of scenery with your work.

Interview Rooms:
The UTS Careers Interview Rooms are a dedicated space for students and employers to conduct and participate in interviews either face-to-face or via video. The room is equipped with a large LCD screen, video camera and conference calling facilities. The rooms can be booked by students through the UTS Careers Resource Borrowing website.

Operations Team:
Operations team provides administrative and technical support to the rest of the Careers team.

Managers Office:
This is where our the UTS:Careers Manager, Julieanne O’Hara, operates from.

Internships Project Team:
The internships team are your one-stop shop for all things internships. Whether you’re a student who wants to know how to get an internship, a UTS staff member/employer who wants to know how to hire a UTS student; or if you’re interested to know what constitutes an internship, what the ethical and legal obligations are around unpaid work, or want to hear more about UTS’s vision for internships over the next 5 years- come and talk to us!

Business Development Team:
The BD Team is focused on identifying and forming relationships with new employers in order to increase the number of internship and graduate opportunities available to UTS students. We also continually manage relationships with our existing industry partners, helping them navigate UTS through introductions to faculties, informing them of new developments, and encouraging continued student engagement both on and off campus.

Engagement Team:
The role of the Engagement team is to increase student, staff and employer engagement with UTS:Careers. This team is responsible creating and executing campaigns that genuinely attract our stakeholders at every touch-point. They run our Careers Festival and all of our Events; they manage the coordination of Orientation; our digital platforms are looked after by the Engagement team also; PLUS lots more! This video for instance, is an example of something that the Engagement Team has produced. We hope you like it!

Hot Desk Area:
UTS Careers employs a number of casual support staff, the majority of which are UTS students. The hot desk area is a dedicated space for casuals to work while they are in the UTS Careers office.

Careers Program Team:
The Career Programs Team (CPT) designs and delivers multi-discipline extracurricular programs, events and services to increase student employability and connect them with industry. One of the key programs delivered by the CPT is the Accomplish Award, which is open to penultimate and final-year students each year.

CCD Team
The Curriculum and Career Development Team (CCD Team) is comprised of our dedicated Recruitment Advisors and Careers Consultants. Partnering with academics, faculties and support units across the university, the CCD Team provides friendly, up-to-date and practical advice to support UTS students and graduates with their career and job search needs. This includes resume reviews, job search advice, interview preparation and networking skills. Through one-on-one consultations, group workshops and innovative career programs, the CCD Team equips students with the key employability skills for career success. Visit our Drop-in Service at CB01.04.13 to speak with one of our friendly Recruitment Advisors today!

A good suit can be expensive! We’re now hiring suits out to students to wear for their job interviews. Chat to us to find out more.

Employer/Student Lockers:
The level 25 space has lockers specifically for students and employers, to keep their belongings safely stored whilst working with UTS:Careers. Please note, these lockers automatically open at midnight each night, so be sure to take your belongings home with you at the end of each day.

Training Space:
This is a great space where we hold many of our fantastic workshops and events. The room is equipped with projectors, large screens, video conferencing facilities, group seating facilities and much more! We’re also opening the place up so organisations can rent it out for their own meetings or events.

Assessment Centre Facilities:
The UTS Careers Training Rooms have been purpose built to incorporate facilities commonly used at employment assessment centres. These include 8 computer stations; movable tables and chairs to break the candidates into groups; 3 large screens for presenting and a large whiteboard.

LinkedIn Photo Booth:
In need of a professional-looking LinkedIn photo? We can help! Come on up to our LinkedIn Photobooth today and get your picture taken. You’re profile will be ‘All-Star’ quality in no time!

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