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What Documents do I Need for my Spouse Visa Application?
We have previously covered the general points on spouse visas, followed by deeper detail on the steps to take and the requirements to meet that will satisfy the Home Office. Now we examine which documents you will need to provide to make a successful spouse visa application.

Completed Application Form
The most obvious document that the government will need to consider a spouse visa application is a completed application form. The Home Office provides these forms in a variety of languages but it must be completed in English. However, you should have your supporting documents, which are outlined below, ready with you while you complete the application form.

Current and Valid Passport or Travel Document
UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) will need to place the visa stamp within a passport, which means that a passport is an essential item to provide. The passport needs to have a blank page which is free from endorsements for this purpose. The passport will also act as a proof of age document.

A Document to Provide Evidence of Current Immigration Status
This document is only necessary if you are currently in a country of which you are not a citizen, e.g. if you are a Dubai national but are applying from your current residence Saudi Arabia. You would need to provide evidence that you have permission to be in your current location, such as a green card, residence permit or a visa for that country.

Passport-size Colour Photograph
Provide a passport-approved colour photograph of yourself which the Home Office can then keep for their records. It would be best to use a photo booth which is recognised as providing passport photos.

Your Older Passports
Present these to provide information on your previous travel history.

Evidence of Marital Status
This is another obvious document to provide. If you are making a spouse visa application, it will be inevitable that the Home Office will want to see evidence that you are actually married to the person who is already in the UK and acting as your sponsor. This would be a marriage certificate or a civil partnership certificate.

Evidence of Meeting the English Language Requirement
Those making a spouse visa application are expected to understand and be fluent in English. This can be proven by passing a recognised English language test, possessing a university degree that has been taught to you in the English language or being a citizen of a nation where English is the dominant language spoken.

Tuberculosis Test Results
A tuberculosis (TB) test result certificate may be necessary to prove that the person making a spouse visa application is free from the disease. This applies to nationals from up to 100 countries across the world. The test has to have taken place at a clinic which has been approved by the Home Office. In some cases, there might not be a suitable clinic in your home nation or present country of residence and you may have to travel to a neighbouring country.

Proof that you can Support Yourselves Financially
The sponsor within the UK is meant to provide evidence of being able to support themselves financially, i.e. wage slips that show a salary of at least £18,600 is being earned. You could also provide bank statements, an annual statement summary letter, the contract of employment from the sponsoring partner’s employer or tax return documents. Statements can relate to a personal account or your business account if you manage your own company.

Accommodation Evidence
It would also help your spouse visa application if you provided documents that prove you are to live together with your spouse. These could include:

Council tax statement
Land Registry documents
Landlord or letting agency document confirming living arrangements
Mortgage statements
Property inspection report
Rent book or tenancy agreement
Utility bills

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