The Best Boise Photo Booth Rentals – 208-908-7815

The Best Boise Photo Booth Rentals – 208-908-7815
Get a Discount at

LUCKY YOU – If you’ve found this video you’ve come across a very special deal for The Best Boise Photo Booth Rentals. Make sure you head over to our website to get your special treasure.

We like to reward clients that do their research when looking to rent party equipment for their event in Boise. We’ve rented our photo booths out to weddings, corporate events, birthdays, religious and culutral events, and much more.

Heck – why not just rent one for the fun of it?! It doesn’t matter, you can rent a photo booth for anything…they always provide the most fun.

Anyways, since you’re lucky enough to find this video (we know it’s not that amazing of a video but hey, you’re still going to get a discount) we’ll take care of you.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Too cliche?

1. Go to –

2. Enter your info

3. Get a special discount

You can check out our website and get a custom event quote, as well!

And, as always, you can call us at any time to talk to The Best Boise Photo Booth Rentals – 208-908-7815.

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