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It’s all about Photobooths in New York !

Lately, have you been seeing the same rented photo booths in the mall or at trade shows and conventions at New York? Yes, those photo booths belong to Metroclick ! They have been all over New York recently with their photo booth rental promotion.

Many party companies are now renting photo booths in NYC for weddings and other social events. A veteran marketer understands that using photo booth is a great marketing method to boost your company  appearance, traffic and sparking discussion with prospects, and generating good feelings about your company’s brand.


Understanding the impacts of photo booths

Ok you are now convinced of the marketing power of photobooths but hold first before renting one. You need to understand what results you looking for to locate a suitable photo booth rental company.

The marketing power comes from taking advantage of technology to customize and spreading your company’s brand message or and collecting information from leads. Some will also collect video testimonials about your product.

Yes, almost any photo booth rental nyc is capable of putting your message across regarding the strips that are a photo. Better booths that are photo even enable you to design a postcard with your branding all over it. I think this is the method to go. People lose the swag offered out at shows. Free pens get utilized or lost. T-shirts fade. But people generally keep photos forever. Imagine your message pinned to your prospect’s refrigerators for 10 years. Be sure to ask if the company that is rental extra for the style work.

Some photo booths at new york city allow users to e-mail on their own their photos. They merely enter their current email address and the booth sends them an email with your message that is custom along the images connected. Booths that do this have the capability of keeping the user’s email details to make use of for the advertising purposes later on. It is a smart way to fill your lead list. Since you are giving them something at no cost, there’s no ill shall about collecting the e-mail target and making use of it. Just be sure you use a professional email service like Constant Contact allowing users to unsubscribe when they wish.

The most advanced photo booths at NYC allow users post their pictures on their Facebook right from the booth. If you’re advertising at a trade show, imagine having your message show up in the Facebook news feeds of specialists in your company’s industry. People almost always have peers from their industry that is same in the Facebook friends list. The picture will spread even further as people hit the “Like” button if they are doing something goofy in the picture.

If people during the meeting have already used your item, why not gather some video testimonials about this? A video capable booth can do this as you have someone there to coach the users through it for you, as long. I would recommend using specific questions to make it easier on them. For example “when was the final time you used my item?” Or “how has my item changed the real way you work?” Post the very best videos to a YouTube channel, and embed them on your site. As a bonus that is added having a YouTube channel connected with your brand and website will help your search motor positions. Google, in particular, really loves a site with rich content like videos.

Make the most of your incredible photo booth rental in New York by having a marketing strategy. Therapist is going to be laughing and having a time that is great your exhibit space. Capitalize on the jovial atmosphere created by the booth. Engage leads in small talk as you usher them in and from the booth, and let that lead into your sales pitch. First and foremost, have fun! If you’re having fun with it, your incredible prospects will loosen up too.

About: MetroClick’s CliqClik Photo booth kiosk is the premier digital interactive photo booth on the market. You can our photo booths for birthday parties, weddings, concerts and any large events! Visit for more inquiries today! Share our facebook 

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