JAPAN VLOG 1 // KYOTO APARTMENT TOUR & Convenience Store Haul!

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Welcome to the first of my daily Japan vlogs! I’ve been travelling around Kyoto and Tokyo with my best friend Jess (don’t worry, the irony that we’re both named Jess isn’t lost on us!) and this is my first vid from the trip.

After an 13 hour journey to Osaka from Melbourne, Australia, we caught the train to Kyoto before arriving at our Airbnb in Kiyomizu-gojo. Follow us around out first half-day in Japan, and see my Kyoto airbnb apartment tour and Japanese convenience store haul!

*Please watch in HD!*

If you have any video requests, please let me know in the comments ♥

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Marumo Kitchen (Japanese Bowl Cafe) // http://bit.ly/2rl2D5E
Lawson 100 // http://store100.lawson.co.jp


“PRESS START! …too cliché?” by UNDERVEIL // http://bit.ly/2rDoPI9


DAY 1 // Kyoto Apartment Tour & Convenience Store Haul // https://youtu.be/Me-D5g0A91s

DAY 2 // RENTING KIMONOS in Kyoto & Hello Kitty Cafe! // https://youtu.be/TlQfTF_mUiA

DAY 3 // FEEDING DEER in Nara & HIRING BIKES in Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest! // https://youtu.be/QbFu1OnjoGI

DAY 4 // TOKYO APARTMENT TOUR, Pressed Flower Manicures in Shibuya & Ichiran Booth Ramen! // https://youtu.be/kw0kbXQY910

DAY 5 // DYING MY HAIR BLUE, Genki Sushi & Trying Japanese BEAUTY DRINKS! // https://youtu.be/Au9YcFVKp18


I’m Jess, it is lovely to meet you! I’m an online content creator and lover of beauty products, working in digital marketing in Melbourne, Australia.

My blog Taken By Surprise’s goal is to help you try new things in your beauty routine – and by ‘new’, it can be as simple as learning what the heck strobing is, or how to get glowing skin at home, or even if that new product you have your eye on is worth it. And now, I’m on YouTube to help with just that!

When I’m not blogging, you can find me making floral headpieces for my Etsy shop CrownedByFlowers, wandering around with lipstick swatches all across my arms, and liking your photos on Instagram.

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