How to create a photo booth template: PSremote, DSLRPro, NKRemote, Wecam, Breeze Systems

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Part 1: In this video we’re going to show you how to create a #photobooth template.

How to create or design a photo booth layout or template for use with PSRemote, NKRemote, DSLRPro, WebCam Photo Booth by Breeze Systems, probably the most popular photo booth software available, using Adobe PhotoShop

In this video we’ll show you how to take a sketch a client may have sent you on how they want their photo booth layout to look. Using in this instance Photoshop, we’ll turn the sketch into a usable template as an overlay. Which when installed into the breeze folder and used in conjunction with their photo booth application will create the required image.

We’re using photoshop but other graphic editing packages will do.

The instruction assumes basic knowledge of editing graphics using packages such as photoshop and having breeze software set up.

In Part 2 we’ll show you how to take the designed layout and convert the data into a the photo booth software to align the images.

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