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we are presenting the best alternative to a corporate event, birthday party or wedding photography photo booth hire. We have the best advantages
question for you!
– do you have an event and you are looking to hire a photo booth to give your guests the chance to have a snapshot during the event?
– would you like to stand out and impress your guests by giving them a high quality photo to take home
– would you like to have an entertaining corner at your premises with a bit of fun and have also a copy of the photos yourself
– are you ready for something new?

Tudor Photography is offering the go- mobile studio alternative – the better way, funnier, more entertaining with professional studio quality photos

What we do and a normal photo booth will never achieve:

– we will provide high quality, high resolution prints to your guests and YOU… will be given a soft copy of the lot as well. You can send them the files and you can keep the files yourself. Since those are high resolution, they can print them enlarge them and to whatever they want with them

– photo booth will just print small low quality photos of your guests, and you have got nothing left for you

– we are providing high quality images, with professional studio lighting, not just a lamp or 2 in your face. We use high quality professional equipment, not just a small phone size camera as those photo booth have

– we can fit more people in the picture, not just 2-3 squeezed faces

– we have a professional photographer doing the job, helping people to pose, smile , jump and laugh, giving directions and make all the fun necessary. The photo booth is soulless

– last and not least, we are doing for a better value

– if combined by normal photography and video services, we can even make you a better deal.

How this works, we come with a mobile studio equipment, set it up at your venue and and do all the work, so you and your well prepared and dress-ed up guests for the event can leave with a nice memory from there.

Remember, this is a unique limited service so booking well in advance would be a good idea.
If you still not convinced that this is way better, then give us a call and we’ll guarantee you will love it.

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