Darkroom Booth: How to create a proof template to send to a client for approval.

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How to create a template proof in Darkroom Booth to email to a client.

One of the common questions asked is how to send a template to a client from darkroom booth so they can approve a template you have created. As the feature isn’t yet available from within Darkroom, ‘Dec 2013’, I thought I’d quickly show my workflow to achieve this.

Essentially it involves creating a local folder in ‘My Documents’ on the booth computer, which we name ‘Booth Photos’, inside this folder we create a unique folder for each event we do plus a separate ‘test’ folder. We do this anyway as part of our standard workflow, for any event, and have a shortcut directly to the ‘Booth Photos’ folder on the desktop of any booth PC we use.

In this instance, due to my screen capture software residing on the office PC, I’m using a demo version of Darkroom Booth. In the main window in settings, I simply use the ‘Save Image 1’ options to save a copy of the print to the local folder created in ‘My Document-Booth_Photos-Proofs’. Then with a webcam connected simply run through a booth sequence, creating a test copy, in jpeg format, which can then be emailed to our clients.

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