Build Your Own Photo Booth Using a Chassis Kit From Shootcase Photo Booth Manufacturing UK

The Shootcase chassis kit is now available at £2,850 GBP

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UK (48 hour*) £75 GBP
Continental Europe overland (5 working days*) from £150GBP
Worldwide airmail (3-5 days*) from £250GBP

*Please note these delivery times quoted are where stock is available. Please contact us for availability.

What’s in the box?
The kit includes a fully assembled chassis and all the hard to find bits and pieces you’ll need for your build:
-All aluminium Shootcase chassis
-17″ Touch screen monitor
-Front and rear perspex covers
-Full hight and half hight legs
-Base with integrated non marking wheels
-Titanium paint finish
-Screen mount
-Camera mount
-Transformer and power mounts
-Computer cradle
-Keyboard holder
-All necessary fixings
-IEC inlet
-2 x 120 mm fans, 2 x 80mm fans and wiring harness
-Mini USB cable
-printer USB cable
-Wireless mini keyboard

So why would you want to build your own photo booth using a Shootcase kit?

Cut out the middle man!
Here’s a trade secret: Photo booth manufacturing is not big business. Small businesses have to buy their electronics from the same places and at the same prices you do! Obviously as businesses they need to mark up these items to cover the cost of the purchase, instillation, support and managing potential returns. By sourcing the electronics yourself you’re cutting those costs and we’re able to pass the savings on to you.

Local Warranty
What happens when a part in your complete photo booth develops a fault? You might need to return the part to the other end of the country or even overseas leaving you without a booth for long periods. Building from a Shootcase kit you’ll get to know your booth inside out. You’ll be able to deal with your local suppliers much faster and replace the parts yourself quickly and easily. You’ll also be able to use you this knowlage to trouble shoot any issues that might arise much more quickly.

Quality Control
You will know exactly what components you are getting. To achieve low retail prices some photo booth systems come with cheap, unreliable and un-suitable components installed. By sourcing your own electronics you’ll be able to make sure you’re getting professional quality equipment you can rely on. And by cutting out the middle man your finished high end build costs will be comparable with compete systems filled with cheap, unreliable parts.

Do it your way
Apart from the printer you’ll be able to fit anything you like as long as its within the maximum allowable dimensions. You may already have some components you’d like to fit, or you may be transferring the electronics from another photo booth shell. You might even just want to fit your favourite camera, It’s up to you!

Import duty
If you are importing a photo booth any customs charges you pay will reduce with purchase value. Since you’ll be sourcing your electronics locally you wont pay any duty on these items.

Recommended additional equipment you will need:
-Mitsubishi CP-D70 http://Mitsubishi/company/about/locat…
-Acer Revo (sometimes called RL80-UR22 ) Both models with or without cd drives will fit.
-Bownes Gemini 200
-Canon 1100D & 18-55 lens

Additional items needed to complete your build:
-6 way power strip (in-line style)
-2 x IEC power leads (one for your monitor and one to plug your Shootcase into the mains)
-AC adapter for your camera (optional but recommended)
-12V 2A adapter for your cooling system
-Hot shoe adapter (if you are using a camera without a PC socket)

Maximum dimensions and information for custom builds
-Printer: Internally Shootcase is designed to use either the Mitsubishi CP-D70 or the Mitsubishi CPK60DWS. You can use other printers outside the booth by connecting them via the external usb on the top of the chassis.
-Computer: A wide range of small form factor PC’s are now available. The dimensions must be no greater than 250 x 250 x 55 mm (W x D x H)
-Flash: Most compact lighting systems should fit without modification providing the hight of the unit is less than 175mm as measured from the base of the mount to the highest point on the flash unit.
-Camera, Any consumer DSLR should fit providing it is a similar size and shape to the canon 1100D/T3. (130 mm × 100 mm × 78 mm)

Technical Spec:
Chassis construction: Laser cut TIG welded aluminium & perspex
Chassis dimensions: 900 x 560 x 320mm
Assembled hight: 180cm
Estimated completed chassis weight (printer removed for transport): 35kg
Base weight: 15kg
Combined weight for transportation: 50kg
Size for transportation: 930 x 560 x 335mm


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