22 Creepiest Photobombs

These 22 very creepy things found in photos will have you checking selfies from scary sharks to mysterious people in the background.

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11. Lurking Beneath
This photo has circulated the web for being one of the creepiest photobombs. Story has it, when someone came home and couldn’t resist taking this photo of this girl acting innocently on her bed. But when her boyfriend zoomed in a little closer, he noticed she was hiding something from him. With a quick and a look in the corner of the bed, you spot an eye of her possible beau hoping, not to be uncovered. Snopes claims this story to be false but a creepy photobomb nonetheless.

10. Locked Out
No boys allowed at this girls only slumber party. Although it looks like he may want to get in somehow, he’ll have to settle for a creepy photobomb instead.

9. Celebrity Photobomb
Paris Hilton never misses a chance to get a little extra time on camera. However, in this case her glamorous photo was ruined by a dude in a creepy looking mask. Where on earth did he come from anyways? The world may never know.

8. Say Cheese
These two girls are ready for a night out on the town and are trying to capture their good looks with a quick selfie. Thier other friend was a little jealous that they didn’t allow her to be in the photo so she decided to take the matter in her own hands. She secretly ruins the selfie by popping her creepy looking head in at the bottom on the photo. Maybe next time they’ll include her.

7. Bride and Ghoul
Newlywed couples try their very hardest to take the perfect wedding photos on their special day. The couple wanted to share with the world their new found happiness together and post it on facebook. But it really can’t be a good sign that it was meant to last forever if their wedding photo gets photobombed by a ghoul! The couple swears they have no idea who the face belonged to and the bride had even used it as her profile photo until someone pointed it out. Some claim, it was satan himself, others, their unborn baby. What do you believe?

6. Blackboots
This photo of a little girl maybe more sinister than it appears at first glance. The internet went into frenzy because of the pair of mystery boots popping up behind her when the father took this photo in Zushi, Japan. Reddit users went into a serious debate on whether the photo was photoshopped or if it was just a trick of the light. The father assures that the photo was untouched and has no idea what the boots were.

5. Stingray wants to play
Possibly one of the best photobombs of all time, these three women were vacationing in the Cayman Islands and decided to take a photo. The stingray also decided it wanted to be in the photo and was tired of always being left out. So he lurched out of the sea and landed on their backs. The one in the middle seems to be in sheer terror of the whole situation.

4. Shark Bait
The photographer isn’t the only animal that wants to get their mouth on this beauty. This shark can’t wait to sink it’s teeth into those rather large flotation devices. Don’t expect to get back in the water without getting ripped to shreds!

3. The Double Bomb
While creepy spirits seem to be making their way in lots of photo bombs these days, this next one is quite startling. This woman from Northern Ireland was taking a photo with her baby nephew her sister’s friend photobombed it. But she wasn’t the only one. Turns out, she’s a victim of the double photobomb. One from her sister and possibly one from a spirit as well. After looking closer, you can see a girl with her hands neatly folded in her lap, like something straight from a horror film. The woman claims there was no one else in the living room that day and is currently terrified to go in the living room.

2. A Lost Soul
Another night out on the town and these two young ladies decide to snap a selfie while in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Unless some really old lady was at a nightclub wearing victorian style clothing while at a nightclub, this photo makes no sense. It appears as if a lost soul pops up right between their heads. Was this nightclub haunted? The girl who took the photo was absolutely terrified when she saw it and deleted it of her photo in a hurry and claims there was no photoshop involved.

1. Haunted Lake
This image was taken when an Australian family was swimming at a nearby lake but it appears as though, they’re not alone. They claim they were only with their 3 children when the photo was taken. It turns out they didn’t know the grim details of the lake they were swimming at and they spotted this strange image in the center of the photo that was taken. The photo got a lot of attention after some research was done and they found out a young girl drowned to death in this swimming hole about 1000 years ago. That’ll send some chills down your spine.

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